101 in 1001

My Start date was January 1, 2011. My end date will be Saturday, September 28, 2013 (6/101)
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(sorry about the spacing, if anyone has ideas on how to fix…)

Normal Text – Haven’t started
Italic Text – In Progress
Bold Text – Task Completed

1. get short story published in a magazine (preferably for money)
2. take a holiday longer then 2 nights
3. take a holiday out of province
4. pay off master card
5. join a book club (feb. 5/11)
6. take continuing education course WITH husband
7. finish Olympic quilt
8. finish either crocheted afghan OR knit sock yarn afghan
9. 30 dates with my husband (about one a month) (8/30)
10. write a yearly letter (/3)
11. write yearly letter to hubby (/3)
12. 1.5 liters of water a day for a month
13. ride a ferry boat
14. go to zoo with hubby (we always talk about it, but never have)
15. go to stampede with hubby (ditto)
16. work on autobiography
17. re-launch etsy shop, restock emphasis on jewelry this time (oct. 2011)
18. decrease ‘clutter’ in my house
19. say yes more, ie. go out more, take opportunities presented.
20. lose 20 lbs. (maybe be readjusted later)(10/20)
21. become better on computer (ie, fixing things)
22. take and share 1 picture 50 times (about one a week)(6/50)
23. blog about life more (this shouldn’t be hard, as I haven’t done any in years…)
24. taste REAL baked Alaska
25. eat no sugar for a 2 week period (pasta and bread exempt)
26. pierce something (top of ear/ nose/ other?)
27. if story is published treat myself to small fairy tattoo.
28. make myself decent address book, add new friends, and eliminate the old
29. learn to make icons for things like MSN and livejournal
30. follow for 1 month
31. write a song
32. leave notes in 10 library books (1/10)(Room)
33. make vision board (feb. 9/11)
34. learn to make rubber stamps
35. stock story idea box
36. do 10 random acts of kindness
37. look into volunteering for books between friends
38. make and string 500 paper cranes (25/500)
39. make 5 things from (june ’11, ducttape pads)
40. go to 3 book signings
41. spend a whole day in my jammies watching movies
42. see DWAYNE live
43. learn to juggle
44. buy 5 things from
45. replant and maintain flower bed for 1 whole summer
46. buy and read sunday new york times
47. do 25 drabbles (1/25)
48. make 10 youtube-able videos
49. have a picnic
50. host a tea party
51. stay in a bed and breakfast
52. get a passport
53. send 15 cards

54. send 2 postsecret cards

55. wear pedometer regularly for at least a month

56. no fast food for one month

57. go to mountains, do a hike

58. find a family doctor

59. make proper car disaster kit
60. make proper disaster house kit

61. cook something that scares me (dim sum)

62. bake something that scares me (cannoli)

63. chase a dream, despite fear… to be named later

64. paint, draw, make a self portrait, and share on LJ

65. go in a boat bigger then a canoe

66. read a book in a day, 3 different times (oct 22/11)

67. make my own pasta

68. take a vow of silence for 24 hours

69. write to a favorite author

70. send a message in a bottle

71. complete JoAnna Carl book series…(so far)

72. complete Diana Mott Davidson book series…(so far)

73. finish making blue/red roving into yarn…

74. sort/clean out/ rearrange bedroom (june 2011)

75. work on saying my pleasure, not thank-you (and meaning it)

76. go see the calgary roughnecks

77. throw a birthday party for a favorite author, living or dead

78. get a spray tan

79. Have a bubble bath by candlelight

80. watch 6 classic films (Lillies of the Field, 12 Angry Men, dial m for murder)

81. watch 6 contemporary films (Inkheart, The Jane Austen Book Club, RED, Tangled,Transformers 2, Julia and Julia)

82. sell a piece of jewelry

83. sell a piece of knitting

84. learn CSS

85. Dye my hair some outlandish colour

86. Read a book in a park (preferably the reading park)

87. Go one week without spending any money at all (not including direct debits for bills etc)

88. go to the theater and see a play

89. Reduce my unwatched DVD pile to zero

90. attend 3 movies at Calgary’s film fest.

91. go to a convention

92. wear a purple item of clothing in public, and take a picture of it…

93. Spend all day in bed when I’m not ill

94. have a candle lit dinner

95. grow nails and get a manicure

96. try Korean food (sept. 17, 2011)

97. dress up and go somewhere fancy

98. write an episode (screenplay) of a favorite TV show

99. investigate eye surgery (june 2011)

100. give $1 to charity (to be named later) for all uncompleted goal
101. set aside $5 for every goal accomplished (use to be determined later)



4 responses to “101 in 1001

  1. Anita Flowers

    March 30, 2012 at 1:24 am

    Thank you for wandering to House of Angels.

    I’m inspired … I’m going to make a list too!

    • Lissa'a Long Yarn

      March 30, 2012 at 9:56 am

      I am pleased! please let me know if you post your list, I would be interesting to see the type of things you choose =D

      • Anita Flowers

        March 30, 2012 at 3:37 pm

        I will!
        I’m thinking as I write …

      • sebastian

        June 9, 2012 at 1:06 am

        See its funny because it’s not like I don’t like kinittng socks, any of my Portland knitter friends could tell you that. It’s just kinittng socks with really light fingering (bordering on lace weight) makes me a bit batty. I need to look at my stash again and see what I have, but it looks like my next socks will be out of STR medium weight it’ll be a nice change in weight


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