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Eye injury update aka blog paused, not abandoned.

So, I figure I should put an update out there, and let you all know, I am still alive, if not doing so much kicking. OK, where did I leave off… pink eye? Yeah, not so much. After 5 days of using drops 4 times a day that burned, dripped down my throat and left a chemical taste, and MADE my eyes crust, nothing had improved. So back to the doctor I went. But this time, at least it was one in my own doctors office, if not my doctor himself. (think Private Practice). He met with me, and said he didn’t think it was viral or bacterial anyway, and sent me off to the optometrists. Luckily my optometrist had an opening later in the day, and I could see him right away.

So, I was a little frustrated, but at least because it was a ‘medical visit’ (as opposed to a check up I guess?), it was covered by provincial health care. So I did all the usual tests, and some more chart reading by the doctor. And more reading. Finally he heard me explain what was going on, that individual letters weren’t bad, but reading, or even whole words were impossible. (Even letters are a pain, but I can get it if I can line it up right, and close one eye.) Basically he said, that I can’t do anything for you, it isn’t your physical eye, or your prescription. He didn’t know, what to make of it, so he sent me back to my doctor, with a recommendation to see a neurologist.

So I got back in my in to see the doctor 2 days later. This time it was my own doctor! Hurray! He looked at me, and said he knew what was going on. I was thrilled. He explained it as a cold in my eyeball. Basically my tear ducts and sinuses were swollen. He said sometimes it skipped all the other symptoms, and went straight to your eyeball. But when he pushed on my sinuses, I could feel it. So he sent me away, saying it would start to clear on it’s own over the next 2 weeks. If it wasn’t better to come back.

2 weeks was today. Sigh.

So tomorrow I go back. In the meantime, life has been boring. Thank goodness I work from home, or I would now have been off work for 4 and a half weeks, and we would be starving to death.

So, I have nothing to blog about. No reading. No art. No drawing/doodling. Very little you can do with one eye. In fact, hubby and I joke that for entertainment that I shower or have a nap, but that is pretty much it. So, the lack of blogging stems from boredom. But hopefully that will pick back up soon. In the meantime… stick with me…

I HAVE been rediscovering pony beads. They are big with large holes to aim for, and manageable, if I don’t drop a bead, and it rolls away.

So, I hope to see you all soon, with something to actually share…

PS- this post brought to you through touch typing. Thank goodness for grade 11 computer class, and the editing of my hubby. ūüėČ



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duct tape experiments

So, I have pink eye. ¬†I can’t see out of one eye. ¬†You know what that means? No reading. ¬†No drawing. ¬†No computer. ¬†It has been a long, boring week, and I have very little to show. ¬†But. ¬†I did get so bored the other night, I was able to make this with one eye…

I got the inspiration HERE.¬† (DH found¬†coloured¬†duct tape for me for $1 at the Loonie store. ¬†I stocked up.) I made mine on a pen instead of on a straw. ¬†(I remember these from back in school). ¬†It was starting to get heavy, so I used far fewer petals then she¬†recommended. ¬†And I left off the leaves. ¬†I think it’s not bad for a one-eyed girl, no?

Are you trying something different this weekend?  I would like to hear about it!

And Happy Good Friday! =D


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painted flowers

I broke out the paints again this weekend, and I have to say it felt pretty good…

I like the way these 2 turned out.  I think I may use them for my next 2 cards.

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breaking in one of the new moleskines i got from dh (thanks baby) for our tenth wedding anniversary…


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