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Are You Ready?

So, I realized today that tomorrow is the first of September!  Where did August go?  If I am going to do ‘Your Stuff… Use It!’, I need to get off my butt, and put my thoughts on paper so I can start!  So, I present to you, my plan!  (both so you can keep me accountable, and on schedule, and if you want to join me, you can!)

I am thinking 1 topic (but maybe multiple projects in each topic) per week.

So, here is the time-table it am envisioning…

Week 1 (sept. 1-7)- Greeting Cards

Week 2 (sept. 8-14)- Art Journal Page

Week 3 (sept. 15-21)- Simple book binding

Week 4 (sept. 22-28)- Alter something… (to be determined ((I have never done this one, so I am going in blind… gulp!))

Last 2 days- catch up on any unfinished projects

Bonus Projects- A Canvas (either flat or box)

I will list what I use for the projects, it will keep me honest!

And I thought if other people do end up coming to play with me, there could be a possibility of prizes and a “Your Stuff…Exchange It!” exchange.  Because who doesn’t like receiving ‘new’ stuff? 😉

You can join as many or as few weeks as you like… do one, or do the whole thing! (and if I do it by myself, well, it will be all that more challenging to me if I have to inspire myself 😉 )

If you want to play, it’s easy!  Leave me a comment down below my post (of the week, cards for cards, mixed media for mixed media, ect), with a link you your post.  That is it. Easy right?

So, who is in with me? =D



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Monkey Cards

2 versions of one card… (sketch taken from summer card class 2)

monkey cards

Have a great weekend! Why don’t you try and couple versions of the same card, and let me know what happens… =D



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Girls Faces (sketched)

A couple sketches I did back in June of this year… (sorry about the shadows).


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Old Green Card (re-do)

Okay.  This one is… interesting.  I came across a card I make years ago.  And it was capital ‘U’ U-G-L-Y!  Ya know one, that hurt your eyes to look at, and made you cringe? Yeah.  So I ripped it apart, salvaged what I could, and put it back together.  And it is a massive improvement.  I still wouldn’t actually give it to anyone, but at least now I don’t feel like I need to burn it… 😉

2013-06-21 13.15.43 (2)

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A New Haircut…

You didn’t really think it was me, did you? 😉  This is Daisy, with her summer ‘do’. (the cat got time last week, it’s only fair that the dog gets equal time… )


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Kite Card

Yes, this is make from another OWH sketch.  (are you picking up on a pattern? 😉 )  I used scraps, and black card stock…  clouds are mine (5 circles glued together and traced) and trees are a Tim Holtz Die…

2013-06-19 21.19.21(2)



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Your Stuff… Use It!

Your stuff: Use it!

So I am thinking of putting myself on a ‘stuff diet’.  (I know, this is really not a new idea, I have even done it in the past for books.  But I have reasons for doing it now…) First of all, Christmas is coming, and who couldn’t use the extra money from what would be save from buying supplies?  Second, I have a lot of stuff (don’t well all? Kinda stating the obvious here right?)  But as I have blogged about before [link[], I am in the process of moving my workspace, if very slowly.  And there is nothing like having to move all your stuff for you to realize how much there really is!  And I do have many hobbies… so I have a lot of painting stuff, a lot of card making stuff, a lot of mini stuff, a lot of book binding stuff (are you getting the picture?)

So I thought of 2 ways to make this fun… first, I thought I would challenge myself every week.  A week for cards, a week of art journaling, a week for maybe altering something, ect.

And second, it would be fun to have someone in on this ride with me.  If it is one person, or 500, it would be fun to say ‘look what I made this week, and look what I used!’

And I will probably have rules.  Like if you run out of glue you need for a project, go buy it.  Or ATG tape.  Or the like.

If you run out of card stock, tough toenails!  Pick a complementary color.  Run out of red paint? Tough, use nail polish.  Run out of binding twine? Tough.  Use dental floss.  Brads? Use pipe cleaner. Copic run dry? Use your kids Crayola. You get the picture.  Fact is, there is always SOMETHING in the house that can be used.

And the other bonus is it fits in well with some of the classes I am taking….

So… am I doing this by myself, or is there anyone out there who would like to join me on this crazy ride?

Please leave a comment =D


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