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A pretty darn good day…

Well, today I am taking a bit of a break off from my art journal.  Or rather, from sharing my art journal.  I did work in it (or a couple of them), but I really have nothing to show.  I gessoed (it is so a word! :P) a page in one.  I painted a page green/blue in another.  I put a white layer over some texture in another… Necessary to do, but not interesting to look at.

I had a wonderful day.  I brought a smile to the face of a friend.  And that is a wonderful feeling and means the world to me.  And it’s important to make each other smile every once in a while, isn’t it?  And this time last month, I got a notice summoning me for Jury Duty (dun, Dun, DUN!). Well, today, I called the phone number to check in, and guess what?  IT WAS CANCELLED!!!! =D  (Can I get a Huzzah?!?!)  So, all in all, not bad for a Thursday…

And to give you something pretty to look at today, here is a small mandala I made over the summer…

2013-07-09 13.52.04A

Who have you make smile today?  Go do it… 🙂


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