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‘Owned’ Stuff Exchange…

Hi Guys!  OK, I am having an idea.  For Your Stuff… Use It! Month, I think I would like to do an exchange.  Remember that pad of pattern paper you bought?  And it had those couple of sheets, that you just didn’t (couldn’t?) use?  You know, the one where you can’t stand the pattern, or was the color you most hate?  Someone else might love it.  Exchange it.  The ribbon or lace you bought for a specific project, but have reams of it left? And are sick of it trying to put it on EVERYTHING just to use it up?  Trade it.  12 wooden bird embellishments, stained orange (don’t ask!)?  Someone could use them.  Card-stock? Paint? Embellishments?  Anything else?  We own it, and there for love it, but someone else might too, and be able to use it.  It’s fun to share right?  And get new stuff in the mail?  It’s new to you, and ‘free’ as we already have all this stuff right?  I know I have stuff I would be willing to share/exchange/trade/RAK maybe?  I am just unsure if anyone else would like to take part.  Or what format it should take.  Do we do anonymous packages?  Random partners?  RAK’S?  One to one items?  I guess I am looking for thoughts.  I give if no one by me wants to do this, it kinda stops in it tracks.  The second question, is does anyone have ideas on format?  Anything else to add?  Please, let me know in the comments… =D


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