Poem Spread

16 Nov

So, it has taken a while, but I have finished another spread!  It helped that DH was around today to take over dog supervising duties… Love him (both the dog, and the Husband 😉 ), but I am finding it really hard to create with 2 dogs always in my lap, and one chewing on my fingers all the time.  So I am enjoying the art time while I can get it! 😉  (sorry, the picture is a little crooked…)

2013-11-16 17.01.32 AYes, I did write the date as August. Ha ha!  Have no idea what I was thinking.  Changed it to October… Also, this picture is a bit gold-er then the original.  The prompt was “Find a poem and let it inspire your journal page”.  This one spoke to me when I saw it, and it had a simple, elegant feeling to it, and so I tried to mimic that in the spread.


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2 responses to “Poem Spread

  1. Dana

    November 17, 2013 at 6:46 am

    I really like the gold Melissa! It’s a great page and love the inspiration you were able to take from the poem! LOL at the dogs…. it’s always something keeping us from our art ;p

    • Lissa'a Long Yarn

      November 18, 2013 at 2:07 pm

      Aw, Dana, you always say this nicest things! Thank you so much. I found this poem while surfing, and it spoke to me, and I immediately know what kind of spread it called for. I am just pleased it worked out… 😉 This dog is 15-16 months, and still very puppy-like, but really, the problem that takes the most time, is it is TOO affectionate… Either he always wants to be in my lap, or he is trying to lie on and cuddle his ‘sister’ (our 4 year old dogs) lol


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