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Another Face Spread

I think this was my last, or my second last spread I did before quitting Effy Wilds BOD/BOD class…

2014-01-12 14.25.56a


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I Have a Secret…

… Well, maybe not so much a secret, but something I haven’t talked very much about.  You see, I have been taking an art journaling class this summer.  It is the BOD/BOM class with Effy Wild… and I am enjoying the different techniques she uses (and there are a LOT on every page).  There is one of each type of spread per week, for 18 weeks.  We are on week 10.  But, I have been working on it very slowly.  I have been taking a lot of other classes this summer, so this one has been squeezed in.  So I have only actually finished 2 spreads.  And there is the reason I haven’t talked about it much.  But, now that the fall is here and things are calming down, I am hoping to have more time to work on this class… so, here is a look at my first 2 spreads* (more to come in the near future).

bodbom week 1

*The words have been blanked out to protect the privacy of the innocent 😉

So, are you doing any art journaling this weekend?



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Happiness and Joy

This is an art journal spread I did a while back for one of Jeanne Oliver’s Classes.  It was lots of layers, and focusing on the positive (happiness and joy).

2013-05-31 10.33.08 (2)



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Large Box Journal Video

One of my favourite Jennibellie videos. Hurry back Hun.  We will miss you…


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Failed Art Journal Page?

So, a while ago I was working in my art journal.  And I mostly liked it.  But I felt that the pictures really stuck out, and I wanted to make it have a more ‘blended’ feel.  So I decided an over all stamp on the whole page would do this.  So on a red and green page, I chose to use white.  Rookie mistake.  So, not sure what to do from there, I put it aside, and have been brooding over it for months.  Here it is…

2012-07-18 14.49.10

A red hot mess… So then one day it hit me.  What about an all over glaze? I could use a neutral colour, and bring the extremes closer together.  So I mixed some liquid gloss with a tiny bit of white paint, and covered the entire page.  And it did make it more cohesive.  But it washed everything out.  So I re-wrote the quote, outliked the pictures and added some doodle.  I am still not completly in love with it, but I think it’s much better.  And I learned A LOT of lessons I can use for next time… and isn’t that whaat it’s all about?

The After….

2013-01-19 14.10.29

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Pastel Flowers.

I got a new box of pastels (chalk, not oil), and this is me playing/experimenting, to get to know them a little…This one is a little more rugged/ rough, then I usually like, but this one came out kinda fun… It looks dreamy I think… I like it…
2012-08-08 15.31.44


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art video

I have found a couple video’s I like and want to keep, so I decided this was as good of a place as any… =D be patient with me for the next couple days…

what do you think? are they any techniques in this one you would try? any like this  you have tried?


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