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My Raydori Is Here

I had a different post in mind for tonight… but then this arrived this morning…

2014-05-05 20.15.01a

It is my beautiful, limited edition, hand made Raydori!  (That is a Midori or Fauxdori, made by Ray Blake himself).  In a combined effort with Kate Bernasconi.  This is #7 in the limited edition Luxor series   And I am in love with it.  I think for the foreseeable future, it will be that ‘square leather thing’ attached to my left hand. 🙂


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Girls Faces (sketched)

A couple sketches I did back in June of this year… (sorry about the shadows).


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Coptic Journal

I made this journal a couple weeks ago.  It was my first coptic journal.  I don’t know why, but I never make anything for hubby.  (friends, family, myself, but not him)  Mostly cause when I do offer, he says ‘No, thank you.’  But I had decided that it was his turn.  He likes turtle, so I sat him down and made him go through a book of animal patterns.  I was not overly surprise when this was the pattern he chose.  I am very impressed with my first try.  And I hope he is.  Maybe he will let me make something for him again some day…

2013-04-16 13.44.29


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pencil drawn house

Been a while since I did much drawing.  Kinda stalled out a little on Mark Kistler’s drawing course.  I followed a rabbit trail, and haven’t wandered back… yet.  Here is the last picture lesson I did…

2013-02-10 12.29.04


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pencil house drawing

This is one of the pictures I drew out of Mark Kistler’s Book You Can Draw in 30 Days.

2013-01-24 10.51.22

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drawn cylinders

I did this one a little while ago, out of Mark Kistlers book.  I like the way it turned out…

2013-01-14 15.37.39

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The muse grabbed my by the neck the other day… I had to draw faces!  So where the muse leads…

I tried to make them different. noses, eyes, hair, even face shape.  Faces are not my strength  but I think they came out OK…

2013-03-15 16.16.35 2013-03-15 16.35.48 2013-03-16 21.15.42

Third one isn’t as dark, I didn’t draw it on gesso…

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