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lots going on here.  something has got to give.  time to take care of me.  So I am going.  maybe back in the new year.  maybe not.  Merry Christmas.


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Day 30- Mission Accomplished

I am so proud of myself I did it! 30 days and 30 blogs. I set a goal for myself and made it. What a great feeling  🙂

Now back to a few times a week 😛

2014-11-30 22.16.58a

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Artist Ninjas

This one made me laugh out loud.  Seriously.Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo and Michelangelo…

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Shirley Temple

I was so sad to get up this morning, and hear that Shirley Temple had died.  The Little Princess was the first ‘old’ movie I remember seeing.  And I loved it so much I watched it over and over.  She was a great actress, had a long, wonderful life, and will be missed by many…


Picture taken from Wikimedia Commons, from the page from the movie

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Busy Times

Here is a little update on where my energy has been lately, sorry about my absence…

PicMonkey CollageIn no particular order, I have been- making Christmas cards, breaking my toe, dog wrangling, working on a super secret project, DH bought me a new lap top, so I have been setting that up, and dreaming of candy canes. 😉

What have you all be up to while I was gone?


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Digi’s and/or Clip Art

So, I have a couple ideas I would like to turn in to digital stamps (digis) or clip art.  They have been sitting with me for a few months, and I am ready to sit down, and bring them into being. The problem?  I know nothing about making either….  Which is ‘better’? Which is easier?  Is it easier to draw them, and scan them into a program?  Or should I start from scratch and design them in the program? (I think I have just about everything but paint/photo shop.)  Any ideas, thoughts, tip,s tutorials, experiences of your own, or general guidance would be greatly appreciated… 🙂


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too late for turtles?

I found him. Of all the places he could be in, he was in my local drug store.  Can I keep him?  I KNOW he would inspire me…

2013-05-29 12.48.03


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