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heart spread

Hey guys, how are we enjoying “Your Stuff… Use It!” – Art Journal week?

I am multitasking, and worked in my Art Journal on a spread I am doing for Effy Wild‘s BOM/BOD class.  This is the week 2 BOM.

2013-09-10 20.32.35A

In this one (so far) I have used acrylic paint, deli paper, a rubber stamp, black ink, and white chalk stamp pad.  I also used a sharpie, charcoal and embossed lettering, but I blurred it out again.  (To maintain privacy).

So, have you been art journaling this week? With things you already own? What have you come up with? Leave a link in the comments so we can come check out your page… 🙂



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A Girl Face

This is the first girl face I did where I stepped outside the box.  This one is a blend of prisma color pencils and acrylic paint.  Okay, the proportions are off, but i like the 2 media together…

2013-04-22 16.44.48

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Watercolor Journal

Yes.  I have been making journals again.  (still?)  These two came from one of those BIG sheets of luxurious paper from the art store.  It was watercolor paper (and I am kicking myself for not writing down what it was called.)  They are bound with regular kitchen twine in pamphlet stitch, and sprayed with Dylusions. Then I rounded the corners with a punch.   The little one has already been put to good use.  I am putting washes of leftover acrylic paint in it for backgrounds, and then I doodling in it with black Pitt Pen.  The big journal is still waiting for it’s calling.

2013-04-22 14.26.44

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green art journal page

This one sat with me for a long time, and never went anywhere.  Then one day I had a face I had drawn, and decided to try it on there.  After that, it took off.  A quote, some ephemera  a little texture, some doodles to pull it all together,,, and voilà!  I think it worked pretty well, and I’m happy with how it turned out.

2013-02-04 15.00.30Have you ever had a picture you struggled with for a while, and tried to ‘wait out’, and then suddenly, it all came together?  Tell me about it, or send me a picture! =D



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happy friday

another face… not sure what i think of this one, but i wanted to include it, because it’s very different then the other ones…

2013-01-28 18.51.27

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Turtle Notes…

Today’s project was one that was fun, and I love the both the process and the product.  In fact, I am tempted to make another one soon.  DH loves turtle, and I thought he needed a notebook to carry around and jot things down in, so I put this together.  I took a greeting card, coated it in gesso and acrylic paint, to cover the picture and writing, both hand and printing.  the put a pattern on using a stencil that I thought looked like the one on a turtle shell.  I traced and coloured a turtle picture I found on google.  I sewed some computer paper in that I had cut to size.  I attached a bead and a piece of yarn to fasten it, and Voila!  A cheap, medium sized notebook…

2012-07-25 17.03.38If you have a project like this you have worked on, try this one, or even a simple pattern for a notebook, let me know! =D



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self portrait


this is a picture of me from a couple years ago.  i painted it over with acrylic paints, and outlined it with pitt pen.     there are things about this i like, and things i don’t (my nose isn’t that big, and my eyes are wonky), but for a first try, i think it’s pretty good.

what do you think? have you ever tried this? i would like if you sent me a link so i could see 🙂


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