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My Two Blonde Girls

This year I have been taking a class called When Frogs Sing.  I love it!  We learn something new every 3 weeks.  Lately, I have been posting more of what I have done in the class.  This last round we have been learning how to draw, shade and color folk and semi realistic faces.  Here are a couple I have done.  I call them ‘my 2 blonde girls’ (although, they are really both the same girl. 😉
2014-09-20 11.02.47a

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London Bridge is…

…Well, not falling down.  It isn’t even on the page.  But I think everything else it… Here is my (finally) finished London spread.  Amazing how much time and effort a second dog is…

2013-11-12 15.40.10 A


Someday soon I WILL learn to take better pictures of my spreads…

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what i created today…

The London skyline, and started a couple of Jennibellies flat beads…

2013-11-08 23.10.33 A


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Spread 2 and #aedm2013

This is my spread for day 2 (yesterday).  The quote I pulled said “Happiness is a dog on your feet”.  I think it turned out ok.  I like all the details you notice the longer you look at it.  (and can you tell I used my new paper tape?)

2013-11-03 14.42.19 a

Also, I have joined Art Every Day Month… Seemed like a perfect fit!  I will link it in the side bar, if i figure out how….




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Finished Recycled Book

This is my third book I started during Your Stuff… Use it! month.  For this art journal I used some craft paint on news print, and then used that to cover some packaging (I believe it was a pizza box top).  For a while I have been collecting advertisements that come in the mailbox.  They are mostly for carpet cleaning, real estate, dance classes in the area, dry-cleaning, etc.  I kept them because they come in various sizes (from post card to about a 6×12 inch) and they are a nice weight (card-stock-ish).  The draw back, is they are glossy, so might be a pain to work on when the time comes.  I bound these with my current favorite technique.  (Muse said use red and yellow sock yarn with blue and teal covers. Who am I to argue?)  That was about it for this one.  Not too complicated… Kept the cover really plain, for now, but strung some beads off the end.  If you look closely you can see shells, teal and coral glass beads, and some of my paper beads.  They make me happy to touch, and to hear clink together.  =D

2013-10-17 13.58.58A


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Art Journal Face Spread

Yes, another one. 😛  This one is inspired by a spread in the BOD class I am taking from  (I got smart and took the picture this time BEFORE I did the journaling, so skipping the need to blur anything out…)

2013-10-17 13.13.58A

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Art Journal, because it’s a distraction…

Well, today, I got a bit more art journaling done.  And it felt pretty good.  I was having a bit of a low and quiet day.  I didn’t have much of an attention span, so adding layers, and letting them dry was perfect.  It served as just enough of a distraction.  I’m not sure if it got me in to, or out of my head, but it was what I needed.  And I learned something.  I hate crackled.  But that was for a different project.  I can’t believe I took so much time on it this week, and let it stress me out like it did.  Anyhow, here is the one I worked on today, and am going to share.  I don’t know if I like it yet, let alone love it.  It has a lot going on.  But I do like the layers, and I like the texture.  I am just going to keep adding to it until it’s more cohesive.  And by the time it is done, I will like it… 🙂

2013-09-13 20.07.52a

So, the big question… did I “Your Stuff… Use It!” today?  You bet I did.  I keep a bowl on my craft table, that I put any bits in, that I think may be large enough to use for something.  Cut out circles.  Bits of twine.  Pattern paper.  Anything that feels ‘reusable’.  I even have a window from and envelope in here.  So, that is what I used for my first layer.  That blue came off off something and smeared around (threads maybe?). Next was a white wash layer, followed by a layer of glued on pieces of book pages.  From here, I am thinking another white wash layer maybe, and I am seeing a large flower, or a girl.  We shall see…

Did you do any art journaling this week? Did you use stuff you already own? Please leave me a comment down below so I can come see! 🙂



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