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Another Face Spread

I think this was my last, or my second last spread I did before quitting Effy Wilds BOD/BOD class…

2014-01-12 14.25.56a


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New Years Spread

This is one I dragged out of the picture archives to share with you… It was a spread I made at about New Years…. It was a modge podge of techniques I was playing with… but I kind of like the way it turned out… 🙂

2014-01-01 21.58.30-2A


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Poem Spread

So, it has taken a while, but I have finished another spread!  It helped that DH was around today to take over dog supervising duties… Love him (both the dog, and the Husband 😉 ), but I am finding it really hard to create with 2 dogs always in my lap, and one chewing on my fingers all the time.  So I am enjoying the art time while I can get it! 😉  (sorry, the picture is a little crooked…)

2013-11-16 17.01.32 AYes, I did write the date as August. Ha ha!  Have no idea what I was thinking.  Changed it to October… Also, this picture is a bit gold-er then the original.  The prompt was “Find a poem and let it inspire your journal page”.  This one spoke to me when I saw it, and it had a simple, elegant feeling to it, and so I tried to mimic that in the spread.


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Art Journal Update

So, I have come to a few realizations.  As much as I am enjoying doing a lot of art journaling (and I do mean a LOT), this isn’t really working for me.  I find that I am striving for quantity, and not getting the quality that makes me happy.  I look at them, and thinking, yeah, that is ok, but I am not making stuff I love.  And I am feeling a bit stressed.  This is art, who needs stress?  So, I think I am going to slow it down a little, and focus on the quality again.  If I only make one every 2 or 3 days, I can be good with that.

And in a similar but unrelated note: I was looking through old art journal pages the other day… I found one that made me pause.  “I could do this better,” I thought to myself.  So, now the question is, I want to know what YOU do.  Do you fix it and make it better, or do you leave it to look at and see how far you have come?

2013-02-26 10.53.43

(Peek at the one from a year ago.)


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Fall Spread

Okay.  I am much happier with today’s spread.  The them is Fall, and I chose to makes it about some things I love, instead of doing a scene.  This one has a doodle feel to it, and the colors make me happy.  And in true form, I did this one in my journal upside-down.  But it wouldn’t be one of my journals if at least one of my spreads wasn’t upside-down, right? 😉

2013-11-06 23.18.15a

So what did you create today? 🙂



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Bus Spread (Partly Done)

Today was a meh day.  I got a good start on a spread.  They I ruined a spread.  Then I started to make it better.  It is not finished.  It is getting better, but I am still not happy with it.  I am going to let it sit, and I will come back to it… This one is called “Last Day of School”.  On a better note, I got a few backgrounds done, for when I need them later in the month….

2013-11-05 23.39.52 A


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No #nano is good nano?

So, I have decided this year I am not doing NaNo this year.  But I love the challenge of it all.  So they I heard a friend was doing NaNoJourMo (art journaling).  I liked the idea, but wasn’t excited about someone assigning me songs they like (that I may or may not have even heard of).  So, I have challenged myself to one page a day for this month.  I put together a can with random prompts, some written by DH, some art journal prompts I found off the internet, and some journaling/warm up prompts I found on the internet.  I am going to draw one blindly every day, and use it as a jumping point…

Here is my first one: The challenge was about the cartoon character you find most annoying…

2013-11-02 18.12.15a

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