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Day 30- Mission Accomplished

I am so proud of myself I did it! 30 days and 30 blogs. I set a goal for myself and made it. What a great feeling  🙂

Now back to a few times a week 😛

2014-11-30 22.16.58a

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Day 16- Half of an Oops and a Dog

Well, I made it over a half way through the month.  I have a 14 day streak.  (Well, for the month. 19 total.)  But yesterday, I had such a busy day, and was so tired at the end, I actually FORGOT TO JOURNAL… sigh…   Well.  Start again from day one today.  But the blog streak continues. 🙂  So I am calling this a half an oops.  I felt I should tell you, because at the beginning of the month, I told you guys I would keep you in the loop, and be accountable to you guys.

And so this entry has some interesting content, here is my dog Daisy, shy, new haircut and super cute… 🙂

2014-04-08 14.58.44a


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So, I think I have made a decision…

Summer is coming.  And I have decided that I want a bit of a holiday.  But I am not going anywhere.  Until a couple months ago, I was blogging when I could, aiming for 4 times a week, but I confess sometimes it was more like 3.  Last couple of months I have been going pretty hard at 5 times a week.  But now I am finding myself kind of tired, with mush less time to do my art, classes and other things.  And when that happens, you don’t have a whole lot of blog content.  So, I am going to pull back a bit.  I will still blog over the summer.  I am going to aim for  times a week, but will be happy with 2.  And that will give me the gift of time.  Time to experiment with new techniques.  Time to make videos.  I have 3 in planning, and 1 half edited.  Time to give my blog a long deserved freshening up.  Maybe even finish a few almost done projects, and get the prints done for my For Sale page (look up!).  Not to mention my For Trade page.  So I think it will be a good thing, and I can hit the grown running in September.  Everyone deserves a break, and should get to slow down.  And it is summer.  So maybe I can get outside, refresh and do things.   Recharge my energy and creativity.  And don’t worry.  I have some fun upcoming plans… =D



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Update and Thank-You Card

Hi guys, just a quick post.  This is going to be a very crazy busy week for me.  On top of normal life, I am starting 2 new medications, and I am taking a portrait class.  Needless to say, not much time for much else (like blogging).  But.  I do have a few cards I have made lately, that I haven’t blogged yet, so I think I have enough to share through the week…

2013-03-19 21.59.17

This one was a thank you card for a man.  (I have decided men are hard to make cards for…).  I kinda like the way it turned out… (for one of my first)…

So have a great week, and we will see you later! =D

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New Friends aka please de-lurk

So, I have been getting a lot of new traffic to my blog, new friends that never followed me over, but seem to have found me here *wave*.  I hope you will de-lurk today (or pop up again if you already have) and let me know how you found me.  Of course, if you are an old friend, please answer too! =D

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