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Altered box #1 update

Here is an update for the work I did today on my first altered box for Your Stuff…Use It!

I cut the top off the Calgary Flames tissue box.  Then I reinforced the inside seams with strips of more cardboard.  I lined the outside with some white craft felt I had an over abundance of.  Then I used fabric I had left over from a pair of jammie pants I made eons ago.  He is what it looks like right now…

2013-09-25 22.13.13A

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Green Book Done!

Feels good to have complete a project.  My first one for this week of Your Stuff… Use It!  (my stuff?).  Anyhow. This is one of my favorite styles of books to bind.  It’s fast, easy, and I always have the stuff.  And it’s a great on to throw in my purse, to use as a sketchbook, note taker, list maker, ect.  I did go a bit fancy with this one, and added a layer of pattern paper on the front.

2013-09-19 18.12.36a


(The colors are NOT this bright in real life, but are they ever? heh)

To make this one, I used a file folder (old or new works fine, but if it’s a gift, I would go with new) pattern paper from Recollections, 20 pieces of printer paper, duck brand duct tape, a couple of green home-made polymer beads (optional and not shown) and some left over green sock yarn).  That is it.  3 holes.  Sew it up. Easy right?

Are you binding anything this week?  Tell me about it! 🙂

Any ideas on what I should/could alter next week?



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One Card, Two Ways.

Hey guys, sorry this one is so late.  I had a bit of a sick day today.  Good job I managed to knock off a couple of cards last night… heehee!  I went with a clean and simple design with banners and arrows.  I found my inspiration HERE.

banner cards


So, for this card I used my white card stock from staples.  Today’s pattern paper was NOT scraps! (who is proud of me? lol) although, I realized  this card would be a good one to make with scraps.  I used some Recollections card stock, one card is from the animal print set, and one from the chevron set.  The thank you was from and unknown stamp set, the ink was a black Memento and I used a crayola marker to outline the sentiment, and I popped it up with foam tape by 3M (which I am falling deeply in love with).

Wanna play?  You can check out what I am doing HERE, and leave a comment down below… I would love to see what you are working on, and what you are using… =D


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So, I think I have made a decision…

Summer is coming.  And I have decided that I want a bit of a holiday.  But I am not going anywhere.  Until a couple months ago, I was blogging when I could, aiming for 4 times a week, but I confess sometimes it was more like 3.  Last couple of months I have been going pretty hard at 5 times a week.  But now I am finding myself kind of tired, with mush less time to do my art, classes and other things.  And when that happens, you don’t have a whole lot of blog content.  So, I am going to pull back a bit.  I will still blog over the summer.  I am going to aim for  times a week, but will be happy with 2.  And that will give me the gift of time.  Time to experiment with new techniques.  Time to make videos.  I have 3 in planning, and 1 half edited.  Time to give my blog a long deserved freshening up.  Maybe even finish a few almost done projects, and get the prints done for my For Sale page (look up!).  Not to mention my For Trade page.  So I think it will be a good thing, and I can hit the grown running in September.  Everyone deserves a break, and should get to slow down.  And it is summer.  So maybe I can get outside, refresh and do things.   Recharge my energy and creativity.  And don’t worry.  I have some fun upcoming plans… =D



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More Kanzashi Flowers

These ones are fabric and tissue.  All have a bling as well as a buttons.  If you are not sure what these are, you can see my last post HERE or the wiki definition HERE.

2013-04-25 10.27.47

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fabric kanzashi flowers

These were made a while back.  My first kanzashi flowers, these ones were made from scraps…

2013-03-27 09.12.10

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purple book

Another small handmade book, in purple this time (my mum’s favourite). This one was made with a reinforced greeting card, covered in scrapbook paper, closed with yarn, and decorated with home made beads and foam shape.  I think I filled it with computer paper.

2012-09-07 12.43.10

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