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NaNo 2012- day 7

So, NaNo has been going pretty well for me… I am up to 14,904 words (out of 50,000.) I am feeling pretty accomplished. Not bad for day 7.

And all that on top of being pretty busy. Mostly we have been writing around here in the evenings. Saturday our dog had a hair apt in the morning, and we had a 3 hour meeting of the NaNos at the library. Then a quick bite, and back home…

Sunday was Christmas shopping, and a few errands. And the banks Then we got home and dh had to go right back out to get groceries. Then he came home, we had a late lunch, and cleaning the house and getting ready for the work week.

Oh, and did I mention we had a carbon monoxide leak last week? That was a bit more drama then I needed, but at least we had a detector to alert us, and atco came out and made their recommendations, so all was good.

So far November has been really hard on my body… I am super tired all the time… we have been going out more, so my body is paying for it, and my eyes have been suffering from using them more as I type.

Ok. Enough whining. I was looking at some of the art I have done, and found this to share with you…

Here are some home made flower postcards i made a while back…

how is your NaNo going? Is your body/sleep/Christmas shopping suffering?


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