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Update and Thank-You Card

Hi guys, just a quick post.  This is going to be a very crazy busy week for me.  On top of normal life, I am starting 2 new medications, and I am taking a portrait class.  Needless to say, not much time for much else (like blogging).  But.  I do have a few cards I have made lately, that I haven’t blogged yet, so I think I have enough to share through the week…

2013-03-19 21.59.17

This one was a thank you card for a man.  (I have decided men are hard to make cards for…).  I kinda like the way it turned out… (for one of my first)…

So have a great week, and we will see you later! =D

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Multiple sclerosis

It’s now confirmed.  I do have M.S.

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nano- nov. 15, 2012

So, NaNoWriMo 2012 is half way done. And I am pleasantly surprised, the even with my health, I am still right on track for my 4th win. Health actually hasn’t been TOO bad this month. Although, I have had sinus pain the past could day, but I will take it. I have been thinking about putting up clips of my writing, but any of the stuff I think is interesting enough to include here, doesn’t make enough sense out of context. But, I figure I have 2 more weeks, something will come up, so be patient with me…

We lost our heat for 2 days here, which made typing (or anything else…) a long, cold process. We had our carbon monoxide detector go off last week (I am sure I already talked about that…). So, when the gas company came, one of their recommendations was to get the furnace cleaned. So the company we/the landlord hired to do that was here Monday. But in cleaning of the furnace, something came loose, and we lost power. And not only that, the belt came loose, and was ear piercingly squeaky for 2 days. And as I am at home full time these day, it was a major irritation in my life. (now let me just say, I am not REALLY complaining, just recounting the details of a story. I know I could live in new york/new jersey.) it’s cold here, but tolerable,,, just an irritation, and a way I would not have chosen to spend my time. But the guy came back last night, and fixed it, on our schedule (just before dinner) and I assume at no expense. So, I guess no harm, no foul. And hey, I got 2 days of extra dog and cat cuddles from the cold pets.

Here is an art journal page I did a while back, i was playing with some new supplies I had bought… (if you are interested  it says ‘not all who wander are lost…’)


Have you had any unexpected glitches that have come up, and stolen some of your NaNo time? Are you still on track to finish on time?



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blog break

sorry guys, but i am afraid i am taking another blog break.  my health has taken another down turn, and we lost another family pet last week.  i need a little time to cope.  thanks for your understanding…

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all-around update

Hi everybody, Is anyone still here?  I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone had up and left by now.   I guess it’s time for another update.  Well, basically nothing has changed, and a lot has happened.  Non-health stuff first.  My nephew has been sent off to university. It feels a little bitter sweet.  We will miss him, but know he will thrive.  Second, we lost a beloved member of our family about a month ago.  Our special-black-pug Sadie died.  Her heart stopped one night.  We count our blessings we had almost 3 great years with her, it was fast and she didn’t suffer, and we were awake and with her.  But, I guess when a door closes, a window is opened, and we have also acquired a new addition to our family.

Her name is Daisy, and she is a 4 year old shihzu poodle cross.  She is an energetic, cuddly little thing.

Now the health stuff.  I will try for the shortened version.  Well, my eye never got better, and maybe even worse.  I finally got in to the neurologist, who got me an MRI very quickly.  Between the time I did the MRI, and got  back to see him (about 3 weeks) I lost feeling in my left leg.  Turns out I have inflammation in different parts of my brain, which is what is causing all these various parts of me to stop working.  He said if he were to look at the scan, and had not met me, he would have said it’s M.S. (which is what we suspected all along).   He says it doesn’t match my age though, and that sends up red flags.  M.S. usually shows up when someone is in their 20’s, and because I am well in to my 30’s *cough*, he doesn’t want to jump to conclusions.  So, for now, I have a whole bunch more tests scheduled, to either confirm, or rule out anything else.  And so in the meantime, we wait some more.

So, to my ever-growing sadness, I haven’t read a book in 4 months.  I miss it.  There are books on tape, but it isn’t quite the same.  On the bright side, not reading has opened up lots of time for other activities.  I have been watching a whole bunch of movies, and even doing some art.  And, I found a bunch of pictures of art I did, but didn’t show you.  So, I am hoping to start blogging again, even if it is only a couple pictures, and couple times a week.  I was surprised how much I have missed blogging too.  I can’t wait to get back in contact with the community.

So, here is one I dug up from the old archives…

This is a Zentangle ATC made, with a sunday center.  Done on cardstock, with pitt pen and pencil crayons

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