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Day 7- Pickles

For Christmas gifts, I like to give homemade things.  These are given to people like coworkers, extended family (like my husbands, sisters in-laws) and hostess gifts.  Over the years we have done cookies, apple butter, mint jelly, apple jelly, and the like.  This year I decided to give dill pickles a try. I finished my first batch today, and will make one more batch to be ready.  Whatever is left, we will enjoy at Christmas.  Do you have any special ‘traditions’ you like to do at Christmas?

2014-11-07 15.17.41A

(These will be decorated with bow and labels with the date and contents before being given…)

(BTW, if you are interested in the recipe I used, let me know, and I will share. 🙂 )

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Day 4- Brown Midori/ Fauxdori

This is my new, homemade brown midori/fauxdori.  I love the texture and the color of this one.  The camera does not do it justice.  I really enjoy the process of making these, and I am sure I will enjoy using it just as much.  I made this one Field Notes size.

2014-11-04 17.37.15A

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Fauxdori Video

Hey guys!  I had a couple of requests for a video with some more views of my Denim Midori.  I threw in some instructions and a flip.  I figured if I was going to make it, I might as well share it here as well. 🙂  (Especially since it had been so long since I’ve MADE a video 😉 )  Sorry, this one is a little rough, but it gets the job done….


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Homemade Bluejean Midori

This is my first Midori.  Or faux-dori.  I made it out of denim and a piece of canvas.  It is not that is a vegan, or opposed to leather or anything.  I am just cheap. 😉  At $60- 80 for a real one, I wanted to make sure I liked it, and it would work for me… after all, the pages looked like they were a funny shape (they are talk and thin).  What did I really have to write down?  And did I REALLY need another place to write down dates and appointments? After all, since we shut down the business, and I am more or less a housewife, the appointments are a lot fewer…  Anyhow, I have completely fallen in love.  I use it for doodling, sketching, making lists, journaling, class notes for random classes I am taking, and any thought that runs through my head.  I even have random quotes and song lyrics.

2014-04-06 13.42.19a

As I said, it is just some old blue jeans glued to some canvas paper.  The canvas makes it a bit sturdier.  I left the seam for some interest.  The inserts are 2 lined and 1 blank.  All of which are home-made.  I also have a couple dashboards, and a 6-pocket folder as seen on pocket full of vintage.  The metal strip on the front is a Tim Holtz and it says ‘capture life’s moments’.   When I saw it I knew it was perfect for this, and I fell in love.  The beads on the bottom are homemade.  1 big flat one, surrounded by a few smaller paper beads to hold it on.

Have I said how much I love it yet? 😉  So much so that I have a real leather Raydori on the way… I am definite a convert! 😉

PS- those new (to me) Frixion pens are my new absolute favorite!  I almost always have one in my hand, and they are in almost every room in my home… maybe I should buy stock? 😉

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Pinwheel Blank Card

This is one of my favorite designs… I am not sure if I had blogged it before, but it definitely deserves a mention… It is a design I found on OWH .  I like it for men, women or children, depending on the pattern paper used.  And it makes a wonderful blank card, as I don’t feel it needs anything else.2013-12-29 16.23.18A

PS- Stay tuned! this weekend I am hoping to get a few more things added to my For Sale tab (on top).  In the next couple weeks, I plan on restocking my beads, ACEO’s, Midori inserts, and maybe some greeting cards  (and I am toying with the idea of including some bookmarks).  Depending how they do here, I may also look into restocking my Etsy Store…

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