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Knitted Scarf Update

It is a bit longer than this now, but I think it’s coming along nicely…


2013-02-08 12.28.13

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Weekend Project

And now… for something completely different.  My sister brain washed me.  Or influenced me.  Or maybe just seriously tempted me or something… She made six (yes, 6!) scarves at Christmas time.  I haven’t been knitting lately, as I usually knit socks, but have been unable to with my eyesight so bad.  But I used to really enjoy the process of knitting, and didn’t realize how much I missed it.  So my project for this weekend (and the next little while) will be a ‘fake’ infinity scarf…

2013-01-25 11.56.44

What is your project for the weekend? =D



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knitting update

Someone asked me in a comment lately, what I had been knitting.  I realized it HAD been a while since I had written a knitting update, so here we go…

So, here are a few on the projects I have been working on.  First is a sock monkey,  I love sock monkeys =D  I have made them out of socks, but never knit.  This is new for me.  Then I have a pair of socks on the needles in pink, blue and purple.  The final is a mitre blanket made out of left over sock yarns.  The colors are a little funky, but I love the way it is coming together.

What are you knitting this weekend?


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Lace Scarf

This is a scarf I made years ago. But it curled in toward itself, so you couldn’t see the lace pattern. So, as pretty as it was, it sat on a shelf for a long time. But then this Christmas I got blocking board. Today I thought would be the perfect day to play with them. And, last winter, I bought the perfect black coat to wear it with. It will be nice to be finished, and finally able to wear it.

Do you have any projects on hold that you could finish? Meant to get back to? Is this weekend the time? What is it?

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