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Day 4- Brown Midori/ Fauxdori

This is my new, homemade brown midori/fauxdori.  I love the texture and the color of this one.  The camera does not do it justice.  I really enjoy the process of making these, and I am sure I will enjoy using it just as much.  I made this one Field Notes size.

2014-11-04 17.37.15A

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Green Midori

So, I made my first leather Midori.  I love the thick, textured leather.  But I made it passport size, not Field Note size.  I already have one this size I love made of denim, so I am thinking of selling this one…

2014-07-29 22.50.05A

2014-07-29 22.51.15A


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Town Square Sketch

This is a fictitious town square I sketched in my Midori one evening, sitting on the couch a few months ago.  I still really like it…

2014-01-30 11.07.33A

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My Raydori Is Here

I had a different post in mind for tonight… but then this arrived this morning…

2014-05-05 20.15.01a

It is my beautiful, limited edition, hand made Raydori!  (That is a Midori or Fauxdori, made by Ray Blake himself).  In a combined effort with Kate Bernasconi.  This is #7 in the limited edition Luxor series   And I am in love with it.  I think for the foreseeable future, it will be that ‘square leather thing’ attached to my left hand. 🙂


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Fauxdori Video

Hey guys!  I had a couple of requests for a video with some more views of my Denim Midori.  I threw in some instructions and a flip.  I figured if I was going to make it, I might as well share it here as well. 🙂  (Especially since it had been so long since I’ve MADE a video 😉 )  Sorry, this one is a little rough, but it gets the job done….


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Homemade Bluejean Midori

This is my first Midori.  Or faux-dori.  I made it out of denim and a piece of canvas.  It is not that is a vegan, or opposed to leather or anything.  I am just cheap. 😉  At $60- 80 for a real one, I wanted to make sure I liked it, and it would work for me… after all, the pages looked like they were a funny shape (they are talk and thin).  What did I really have to write down?  And did I REALLY need another place to write down dates and appointments? After all, since we shut down the business, and I am more or less a housewife, the appointments are a lot fewer…  Anyhow, I have completely fallen in love.  I use it for doodling, sketching, making lists, journaling, class notes for random classes I am taking, and any thought that runs through my head.  I even have random quotes and song lyrics.

2014-04-06 13.42.19a

As I said, it is just some old blue jeans glued to some canvas paper.  The canvas makes it a bit sturdier.  I left the seam for some interest.  The inserts are 2 lined and 1 blank.  All of which are home-made.  I also have a couple dashboards, and a 6-pocket folder as seen on pocket full of vintage.  The metal strip on the front is a Tim Holtz and it says ‘capture life’s moments’.   When I saw it I knew it was perfect for this, and I fell in love.  The beads on the bottom are homemade.  1 big flat one, surrounded by a few smaller paper beads to hold it on.

Have I said how much I love it yet? 😉  So much so that I have a real leather Raydori on the way… I am definite a convert! 😉

PS- those new (to me) Frixion pens are my new absolute favorite!  I almost always have one in my hand, and they are in almost every room in my home… maybe I should buy stock? 😉

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