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2 Questions… and a Picture

Is anyone interested in doing a napkin exchange? Tidying my craft space the other day, I realized I have a LOT of packages of napkins… and I do love using them… but how many does one girl need? (or maybe they are like washi tape, can never have too many 😉 ) Some are from Ikea, some are the loonie (dollar) store, some are from Home Outfitters, and some I can’t even remember… I was thinking a 1 to 1 exchange. So for every 1 different pattern of napkin you send me, I will send you one… So if you send me 6 napkins, each with a different pattern, I will send you 6 back. Make sense? That will give us new craft supplies, instead of a lot of the same…
When does a card cease to be a card, and become a mini album (or versa visa)? Is it thickness? Is it amount of pictures? One of those questions that has been bouncing around in my brain… any thoughts?
2013-12-07 13.58.31
And just becuase I can’t blog wiithout a picture, here is one of the ‘kids’, resting up, getting ready for the weekend, and all their fun adventures!
Happy Friday! =D


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How big to you print you photos?

I have been looking at mini-albums lately, and some of them are super small.  Was thinking of making one for my parents for their anniversary this year, but not sure of the size.  I was thinking it was help to get some other opinions… so…

ETA- will be sticky post, and left up for the weekend… thx for your help, as always =D

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dos a dos book (video)

Another quick, fun, Jennibellie project.  This is my first video in this style… hope you enjoy =D

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