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something special

OK, I thought we needed a little change of pace… something a little different tonight.  So I would like to dedicate this to mixed media artists and crafters everywhere.  Especially Joycee 😉

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artistic morality question (if you have 30 seconds, please read…)

If you were on youtube, and came across a video, with a ‘popular’ (aka, not creative commons) song playing in the background, what do you do?  You you support your fellow artist  and ignore the music?  Do you support the writer and singer, whose song it is, and report it?  (coming from a family of actors and singers, this bugs me…)  Is there something else you do?  This one has been eating at me for a few days, so I would really like to know how you look at it… Please answer (even if you wish to stay anonymous)  in the comments… Enquiring minds want to hear your perspective…



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