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Day 23- Rare Cat Spotting

This is Teeko.  She is our oldest and smallest pet.  She is also the shyest.  It is very rare she comes out to play, let alone get her picture taken.  And if you are quiet, and in the right (her preferred) room of the day, you may even get cuddles… This picture was taken on of VERY lucky day… She wouldn’t make eye contact, but at least I got her pretty colors…

2014-11-04 17.36.24a

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Day 16- Half of an Oops and a Dog

Well, I made it over a half way through the month.  I have a 14 day streak.  (Well, for the month. 19 total.)  But yesterday, I had such a busy day, and was so tired at the end, I actually FORGOT TO JOURNAL… sigh…   Well.  Start again from day one today.  But the blog streak continues. 🙂  So I am calling this a half an oops.  I felt I should tell you, because at the beginning of the month, I told you guys I would keep you in the loop, and be accountable to you guys.

And so this entry has some interesting content, here is my dog Daisy, shy, new haircut and super cute… 🙂

2014-04-08 14.58.44a


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Day 2- Tangent (the cat)

I know I don’t talk about them as much, but I have 2 cats as well as the 2 dogs.  Today I decided it was due time for some kitty face time.  Usually they are very shy, preferring the comfort of the basement, and each other’s company.  But, the younger of the 2, the boy, has been coming up and visiting more lately.  This allows me the opportunity to actually GET some pictures of the recluse… So, in a rare photo opportunity, I present, Tangent…

2013-05-24 16.03.03A

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What Did I Create Today?

I spent my day creating, a new home for this little guy… Our girl dog now has a baby brother…

2013-11-10 21.06.45

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A New Haircut…

You didn’t really think it was me, did you? 😉  This is Daisy, with her summer ‘do’. (the cat got time last week, it’s only fair that the dog gets equal time… )


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