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too late for turtles?

I found him. Of all the places he could be in, he was in my local drug store.  Can I keep him?  I KNOW he would inspire me…

2013-05-29 12.48.03


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My Heart Belongs To… Me!?!?

So, you remember my heart from yesterday?  Well, I finished it!  This one kinda turned in to a self-love kind of spread.  And, although it’s pretty unlike me, I like this one (crooked heart and all 😉 ) But Effy does have a way of making me stretch myself, and push me out of my box 🙂  And I am counting this one as part of Your Stuff… Use It!, it is an art journal, and I did use my already owned stuff… (notice the rare, unique, relatively new picture you will see of me…)

2013-09-11 20.35.06a


To this spread I added:

  • a picture of me, printed at home on the inkjet (sealed with hair spray)
  • washi tape
  • more stamped ink
  • deli paper
  • ball point pen for journaling
  • I had a Golden High Gloss Varnish that had come in a multi-pack, and I thought this was a good opportunity to break it out. (and I LOVE the look and feel =D)
  • oh, and liquid mat medium to sick on the deli paper…

Words are blurred for the protection of the innocent (or at least me) 😉  So, has anyone else been using their stuff this week?  Tell me about it in the comments.  Leave me a link… come out and play! 🙂


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A New Haircut…

You didn’t really think it was me, did you? 😉  This is Daisy, with her summer ‘do’. (the cat got time last week, it’s only fair that the dog gets equal time… )


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tangent the cat photo

I know, you guys come here for art (and books, and knitting, ect.) but how can you resist a face this cute?

tangent-watermakred(he was being ‘helpful’ on this day…)

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self portrait


this is a picture of me from a couple years ago.  i painted it over with acrylic paints, and outlined it with pitt pen.     there are things about this i like, and things i don’t (my nose isn’t that big, and my eyes are wonky), but for a first try, i think it’s pretty good.

what do you think? have you ever tried this? i would like if you sent me a link so i could see 🙂


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