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duct tape experiments

So, I have pink eye.  I can’t see out of one eye.  You know what that means? No reading.  No drawing.  No computer.  It has been a long, boring week, and I have very little to show.  But.  I did get so bored the other night, I was able to make this with one eye…

I got the inspiration HERE.  (DH found coloured duct tape for me for $1 at the Loonie store.  I stocked up.) I made mine on a pen instead of on a straw.  (I remember these from back in school).  It was starting to get heavy, so I used far fewer petals then she recommended.  And I left off the leaves.  I think it’s not bad for a one-eyed girl, no?

Are you trying something different this weekend?  I would like to hear about it!

And Happy Good Friday! =D


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