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Happy New Year

This is a drawing I saw in a book, and it inspired me.  The colours, the shapes, the houses… the general ‘feel’ of it.  I drew it in Pitt Pen, and if memory serves, it was coloured with water-colour.  I am not sure I love the colours  but it was a fun, playful one to do in my sketchbook.

2012-11-13 11.28.40


What is inspiring you? How are you experimenting with colour?

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self portrait


this is a picture of me from a couple years ago.  i painted it over with acrylic paints, and outlined it with pitt pen.     there are things about this i like, and things i don’t (my nose isn’t that big, and my eyes are wonky), but for a first try, i think it’s pretty good.

what do you think? have you ever tried this? i would like if you sent me a link so i could see 🙂


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soft kitty

i think this one is pretty self-explanatory…

(pencil crayons, watercolour, pitt pen)

happy friday!

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