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Finished Recycled Book

This is my third book I started during Your Stuff… Use it! month.  For this art journal I used some craft paint on news print, and then used that to cover some packaging (I believe it was a pizza box top).  For a while I have been collecting advertisements that come in the mailbox.  They are mostly for carpet cleaning, real estate, dance classes in the area, dry-cleaning, etc.  I kept them because they come in various sizes (from post card to about a 6×12 inch) and they are a nice weight (card-stock-ish).  The draw back, is they are glossy, so might be a pain to work on when the time comes.  I bound these with my current favorite technique.  (Muse said use red and yellow sock yarn with blue and teal covers. Who am I to argue?)  That was about it for this one.  Not too complicated… Kept the cover really plain, for now, but strung some beads off the end.  If you look closely you can see shells, teal and coral glass beads, and some of my paper beads.  They make me happy to touch, and to hear clink together.  =D

2013-10-17 13.58.58A


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something special

OK, I thought we needed a little change of pace… something a little different tonight.  So I would like to dedicate this to mixed media artists and crafters everywhere.  Especially Joycee 😉

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purple book

Another small handmade book, in purple this time (my mum’s favourite). This one was made with a reinforced greeting card, covered in scrapbook paper, closed with yarn, and decorated with home made beads and foam shape.  I think I filled it with computer paper.

2012-09-07 12.43.10

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Large Box Journal Video

One of my favourite Jennibellie videos. Hurry back Hun.  We will miss you…


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Duct Tape Love…

Sorry I am so late blogging today, I was working on one of these…


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OK, for today I have another video for you.  I really like a lot of what Jenniebellie does.  This is one I found a while ago, and keep going back to.  I have been working on this on and off for a couple months, 15-30 minutes at a time.  Hopefully I will have pictures of the finished product to show you soon.  The pages are done, they just need to be edged.  The cover is done.  It just needs to be assembled.  Maybe a few more decorations added.  Anyhow, as I am such a fan of this one,,, and many of the ideas in it, I thought I would share the video…

Let me know if you try this one too 🙂


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