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It’s Modify Something Week

…in my world anyway ;).  And I am going to be honest.  A confession of sorts.  I have never modified anything.  Maybe a book at one point.  Shocked?  Yeah, well….

The hook to this, is I didn’t know where to start… another book? a box?  I thought of a picture frame, but I think everything I have here would be too thin… (remember, I have to already own it…) So, being stuck, I did what most crafty/artistic girls would do, and I took to twitter…

And my girls there, as always, were great!  They helped me come up with ideas like candlesticks, soap dishes, bar soap, and candles.  Creative, eh?

So then I was wandering around the house, seeing what I had.  In the process I came across, a pile of pens that needed a home.  Unsuitable containers for art supplies.  Paint brushes that had be separated from the rest of various reasons (too nice/expensive, not nice enough, and be relegated to mixes media or glue/gesso brushes).  A few cards, that are in the between step of being made and sent.  And slowly but surely, I realized I was back to boxes.  One for pencils. brushes, art supplies, and one for cars.  These are the 2 I found…

2013-09-23 20.37.32A

Do you think I can do it?  Have you ever altered a box? Any tips for me?  I am thinking at least one of these will be covered in fabric.  Are you altering anything this week? what?


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2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

Well, my goal this week was to get 3 books bound, but really, it was closer to 2 and a half.  But I think I can be ok with that… Still a pretty good week for me, and I always enjoy this process 🙂

Here is a picture of the second one I made using my Own Stuff

2013-09-20 18.09.30A


I love this one!  I started with a bunch of tissue boxes I had.  So I started cutting them up (for the pages).  Then I realized a had a lot of cardboard of comparable sizes, so those when in the pile too.  I kept cutting, and soon had a pile about and inch and a half tall.  Perfect!  I used an old pizza box lid and cut it in half for the covers.  Then I covered those with mono-printed deli-paper.  I stitched it together with left over sock yarn (yes, I have A LOT of this (maybe 200 balls? I have knit many socks before I discovered paint…).  I was introduced to THIS video months ago, and I love it because it is single sheets (no fold) and lays as flat as a coptic stitch binding.  Added a little more paint, stamped some flowers.  A little more paint, a few embellishments from the embellishment drawer (including a Tim Holtz), she is done and ready to throw some paint at! 🙂

What did you create this week?

PS- next week is alter-something week.  but I have never done it before. any ideas what I should alter? any tips?


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Green Book Done!

Feels good to have complete a project.  My first one for this week of Your Stuff… Use It!  (my stuff?).  Anyhow. This is one of my favorite styles of books to bind.  It’s fast, easy, and I always have the stuff.  And it’s a great on to throw in my purse, to use as a sketchbook, note taker, list maker, ect.  I did go a bit fancy with this one, and added a layer of pattern paper on the front.

2013-09-19 18.12.36a


(The colors are NOT this bright in real life, but are they ever? heh)

To make this one, I used a file folder (old or new works fine, but if it’s a gift, I would go with new) pattern paper from Recollections, 20 pieces of printer paper, duck brand duct tape, a couple of green home-made polymer beads (optional and not shown) and some left over green sock yarn).  That is it.  3 holes.  Sew it up. Easy right?

Are you binding anything this week?  Tell me about it! 🙂

Any ideas on what I should/could alter next week?



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sneek a peek

Hey guys, have you been using Your Stuff to make something this week?  A book maybe? 😉 Have you ever had one of those days/weeks where you do a lot, and get a lot accomplished and yet get nothing to show.  Have nothing ‘done’ at the end of the day… don’t get more wrong… more times then not, i am a process over product girl, but that doesn’t leave me much to blog about. heh. But I should have LOTS to show soon (and it will probably be all done at the same time 😉 )  Right now, I have one that just needs some embellishments on the cover.  one that has paper drying, that will go on the cover. The holes are punched in the pages, and when the cover is done, it will be bound.  and a third that is sitting beside me right now, a pile of supplies ready to be started… but at least it’s gathered and ready to go 🙂  I wanted to give you something ‘pretty’ to look at today, so here is a picture of a couple of my works in progress…

2013-09-17 20.33.08

So, have you been using your stuff?  What have you made? Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know 🙂


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‘Owned’ Stuff Exchange…

Hi Guys!  OK, I am having an idea.  For Your Stuff… Use It! Month, I think I would like to do an exchange.  Remember that pad of pattern paper you bought?  And it had those couple of sheets, that you just didn’t (couldn’t?) use?  You know, the one where you can’t stand the pattern, or was the color you most hate?  Someone else might love it.  Exchange it.  The ribbon or lace you bought for a specific project, but have reams of it left? And are sick of it trying to put it on EVERYTHING just to use it up?  Trade it.  12 wooden bird embellishments, stained orange (don’t ask!)?  Someone could use them.  Card-stock? Paint? Embellishments?  Anything else?  We own it, and there for love it, but someone else might too, and be able to use it.  It’s fun to share right?  And get new stuff in the mail?  It’s new to you, and ‘free’ as we already have all this stuff right?  I know I have stuff I would be willing to share/exchange/trade/RAK maybe?  I am just unsure if anyone else would like to take part.  Or what format it should take.  Do we do anonymous packages?  Random partners?  RAK’S?  One to one items?  I guess I am looking for thoughts.  I give if no one by me wants to do this, it kinda stops in it tracks.  The second question, is does anyone have ideas on format?  Anything else to add?  Please, let me know in the comments… =D


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